What Exactly is Wifi 6? The 6 Best Wifi Routers

What Exactly is Wifi 6? The 6 Best Wifi Routers

The newest version of wifi is called Wifi 6. The speed and number of devices connected to the same network can increase thanks to this new technology. Let’s read this article to learn more about 6 Best wifi Routers and its details.

This new generation of wifi promises to be quicker, more reliable, and better than the wireless technology we use now, which is terrific news if you frequently connect to the Internet.

Although wifi has been around since the 1980s, most advancements have been minor. But IEEE 802.11ax, often known as wifi 6, is considerably more than that.

Similar to its most significant predecessors (802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac), 802.11ax marks a technological turning point for a generation; it is a milestone that device makers will support in new smartphones, tablets, computers, routers, and home automation devices over the next few years.

The wifi Alliance, a for-profit company that certifies and oversees wifi technology, unveiled a new naming structure last year since the names of these numerous 802.11 standards had previously lacked commercial appeal.

The previous standard, 802.11n, will now be referred to as wifi 4, the current standard, 802.11ac, as wifi 5, and the most recent standard, 802.11ax, which just received official status, as wifi 6.

What Makes wifi 6 Unique?

Compared to present wifi, it will be up to four times faster. As usual, data speeds will significantly rise from wifi 5 to wifi 6, with a potential download speed of up to 9.6 Gbps (gigabits per second) as opposed to 6.9 Gbps for wifi 5. Even if those are theoretical maximums that are never reached in practical applications, the advancements in 802.11 speed are still expected to be highly impressive.

More devices will enable more devices to communicate wirelessly using technologies like orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) and multiple input multiple outputs (MU-MIMO). A single network can support up to four times more devices.

Network customization: Users will be able to tailor the use of networks by identifying the most effective connection, for instance, thanks to the new links.

When will you be able to buy it?

Wifi 6 is compatible with gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Apple iPhone 11, the upcoming Google Pixel 4, and other upcoming laptops, tablets, and other devices.

However, to take advantage of wifi 6’s benefits, we also need a wifi router that supports 802.11ax, which will soon replace all other models’ current standard technology—aside from the more affordable ones—in all models (although with time, these too).

In practice, this indicates that it will take some time before the advantages of this new technology are generally accessible and can be appreciated by most of us. The Internet will, however, be far quicker when we do (according to the capabilities of our home Internet connection, of course), and it will be simpler to run more devices more securely.


As you can already read in our earlier post, the next generation of wifi is called wifi 6. Several wifi six routers that will improve your internet experience to the new standard are listed in this post. Do you intend to get a wifi six router then? Please view all of these routers after they have been fully updated.

AX8 Nighthawk from Netgear

The AX8 is the ideal router for those who want the best but don’t require an office router, even though Netgear offers. An entire series of wifi 6-supporting Nighthawk routers. This model is designed for large houses with numerous wirelessly connected devices. And claims speeds of up to 6Gbps. Yes, wifi 6 is a significant improvement.

A 1.8 GHz CPU inside the Netgear router controls up to 8 OFDMA connections and 16 wifi clients simultaneously while preventing dead spots (areas in your house without wifi).

RT-AX88U by Asus

They are all outstanding, and Asus offers a variety of wifi six routers. Because it features 8 LAN connections and a maximum speed of 6 Gbps. This particular Asus router is very similar to the Nighthawk AX8. This dual-band router, which operates at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, is also compatible with Asus’ AiMesh wifi mesh network. Which enables you to link together various routers for enhanced coverage as necessary.

Because of its support for OFDMA and MU-MIMO, direct connections are more reliable, and data streaming is more effective. Conversely, gamers will likely value the “Adaptive QoS” (Customized Quality of Service). Games are given priority by the adaptive QoS, which also makes sure that the pace does not suddenly drop in the middle of a game. This router’s network will also be secured with Air Protection Pro, a security filter that safeguards your data, just like all other contemporary Asus routers.

Archer AX6000 by TP-Link

Because Netgear and Asus already sell high-end wifi six-axe versions, TP-Link cannot remain competitive. Additionally, this TP-Link router supports 6Gbps at its highest rate, has 9 Gigabit LAN ports, and is OFDMa and MU-MIMO compatible. Although it may appear to be a carbon copy of the two preceding routers, TP-Link offers something unique.

The router’s “band steering” (automatic selection of the best frequency band) and “airtime fairness” (proportional allocation of internet time among various devices) software programs make sure that the network and frequency bands are not overburdened. Additionally, this router has a USB-C 3.0 port that may be used for various purposes. Like charging a phone or transmitting files. This router supports even voice commands from Amazon Alexa.

ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 from Asus

Another Asus router, but this one is targeted exclusively toward gamers. For gamers who can’t get a wired connection. But want the best wireless Internet, the Asus Rapture is a wifi six router. This router will classify all game systems and data as game data priority.

This router is also excellent for gamers who prefer a wired connection. Because it contains a LAN port designated specifically for gaming systems. Asus’ mesh network, AiMesh, enables connections with other Asus products. While AirProtection Pro safeguards your network. There are also other options for changing the network priority and quickly forwarding ports. So that you can soon have an open NAT type.

DIR-X6060 from D-Link

D-Link is actively working to bring one of the most cutting-edge wifi six routers to market. The DIR-X6060 router from D-Link boasts a wide range of functions. With the newest QAM technology, this dual-band router can “turbocharge” rates up to 6Gbps. Additionally, this router supports MU-MIMO and OFDMA. You can specify the intervals in which your router should be in sleep mode to utilize less power. This router assists Google Assistant and Alexa.

Yes, the DIR-X6060 is packed with capabilities and cutting-edge technology. But there is a catch: the router’s release date is still a mystery.

Reckless R730

Don’t be fooled by the router’s bland look. The Ruckus R730 is an absolute beast. This little router is designed specifically for businesses. And uses the MIMO transmission method known as spatial multiplexing. The router can support more than 1000 separate connections. And is compatible with OFDMA and MU-MIMO, much like all earlier variants.

This router can also join a mesh network. Allowing multiple routers. To be linked together to form a single extensive network.

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