What is Remote Recruitment in 2024

Introduction: Most companies and teams agree on the importance of a recruiting strategy (Remote Recruitment), both for its effectiveness in finding good candidates over the long term, as well as for company culture and revenue growth. With the arrival of Covid, almost all companies had to adapt to a remote recruiting process.

Not only do new team members go through the entire recruiting process completely remotely, but they also begin working in a culture that is, if not fully, then almost remote. A good recruiting process today must take certain areas or skills into account more than before. This makes it all the more important to look for people who work well in a structured office environment and also remotely.


To be positive at a remote job, you need to be disciplined and budget your time. This is not just about the intention to work and contribute, but also about planning your week, preparing a suitable work environment, etc. As obvious as it may seem, all of this is already prepared for you in your physical office.

You have things like a physical office or a lunch break. Even if you have a lot of flexibility in your work area or your meal breaks. It’s easier to follow work patterns that are similar to those of your colleagues. However, it’s entirely up to you.

You can find out how disciplined a candidate is in a remote environment by directly asking them how they organize their schedule or workspace at home. Another good way to find out how disciplined someone really is is to ask them about the areas of their life outside of work in which they show exceptional commitment. Various situations can arise, such as participating in marathons annually, having a hobby that requires a lot of responsibility, etc.


It is clear that professional communication has always been important, but it is even more so today.

Relevant information can easily disappear when you are away from your computer. It’s also important to find a way to bring all those hallway conversations back to the office.

When it comes to being a good communicator, we’re not just talking about speaking or grammatical skills or succeeding in a particular meeting. It is equally important to consider how receptive a person is. Does it take years to respond to you? Can you deliver meeting videos consistently?

A person’s communication style can tell you about their true working style during a remote recruiting process.


Just because you don’t work together doesn’t mean there isn’t teamwork. Again, if you have a physical space to meet. However, it may be more obvious, but you have to be prepared to collaborate in a remote context.

As we mentioned in the previous point, communication will play an essential role in the effectiveness of your collaboration. It is good to find out during your interviews how well a candidate works alone and in a team (remotely).

A great way to find out is to do your own research. And also ask what you appreciated most about your team members and group synergies in the past. Can you give a concrete example of a project you completed remotely that involved multiple people and their collaboration?


Working from home can bring many interruptions that we wouldn’t find in an office, including family members, pets, and noise from roommates. Organizing your home office or wearing noise-cancelling headphones is a good idea, but it doesn’t matter. How well do you prepare your surroundings if you’re easily distracted afterwards?

While focus has always been important, make sure your new members are adaptable enough to focus in this new environment. As this often leads to more distraction. It’s a good sign if the candidate reveals a habit or hobby during the interview. It requires your full attention, like yoga, meditation or painting.

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