Top 10 Advantages Of Ubuntu Over Windows

Microsoft’s Windows operating system currently holds 90% of the desktop market share. The question of the advantages of a Linux distribution, mainly Ubuntu, over Windows might surprise.

But don’t get me wrong, my friends; several features make Ubuntu a better operating system for your workstation than Windows.


Here is my list of the top 10 advantages of Ubuntu over Windows:

1.Ubuntu Is Free

I guess you thought this would be the first item on our list. But the fact that Ubuntu is free goes beyond the need for many customers to pay nothing.

Since Ubuntu and many of its applications are free, millions of people worldwide can use affordable computers that run an efficiently operating system and properly developed applications. Many schools that can’t afford Windows computers can easily upgrade to the beautiful, open-source Linux distribution without fear of losing productivity, beauty, or efficiency.


2.Ubuntu is entirely customizable

Have you ever tried Windows themes? Was it a great experience? Windows 10 does a better job of customizing than its predecessors, but you can only customize specific components.

Ubuntu is customizable from the minute you install it. The latest version uses the GNOME desktop environment, which allows you to customize virtually every element of its UI/UX, from notification sounds, popup styling, fonts, system animations, and workspaces.


3.Ubuntu is more secure

Admittedly, Ubuntu hasn’t had as many security bridges and virus cases because it hasn’t been a target given its market share, and its users are the most tech-savvy. And while Windows 10 has seen a lot of security improvements, it’s still not immune to some stubborn Trojans and malware.

Ubuntu is not immune to security vulnerabilities, but it is built from the core, emphasizing exploitation techniques to cover its less tech-savvy users, allowing them to be much more generous with their accessories and portable storage devices.


4.Ubuntu works without installation

That’s how it is! You don’t have to wait for a complete installation process. Because you can run Ubuntu live directly from a USB drive.

You can take your operating system and your work files, boot it up on someone else’s workstation. And continue working as if the PC were your own. If that’s not an advantage, I don’t know what is.

Top 10 Advantages Of Ubuntu Over Windows
Top 10 Advantages Of Ubuntu Over Windows

5.Ubuntu is more suitable for the development

A fresh install of Ubuntu comes with out-of-the-box support for developers to work directly on development projects with your machine. After a clean install of Windows, you will need to install an office suite, text editor, Python, Ruby, Java, etc., before we can have a good enough working environment.

I understand that Windows ships as a multi-purpose, multi-user product, so it’s presented as a skeleton. Still, Ubuntu provides its users with an office suite, a text editor, and a variety of other productivity applications out of the box. It saves a lot of time.


6.Ubuntu Command Line

Talk to any developer using Windows, and I doubt they can deny that Bash is excellent. Ubuntu comes with default support for Bash on its command line and various other commands that make working on servers, development environments, and local files much more manageable.


7.Ubuntu can be updated without rebooting

It might not be a big deal for you if you spend extended periods away from your computer. But imagine what it will cost you if, for example, you are paid by the hour and your PC needs ‘about 30 minutes to install updates. . Beware, it takes longer in some locations with slower internet speeds

Ubuntu can connect its informs in the circumstantial, and you will rarely need to be distracted from your work.

It is one of the reasons why Windows operating systems are rarely used for services that must always be read, e.g., serve web pages.

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8.Ubuntu is open source

You can explore the Ubuntu source code and make the best contributions possible. Allowing you to be innovative while learning the inner workings of a great operating system. The same cannot be said for Windows or macOS.


9.Ubuntu supports window tiling

You can think of this as a subset of Ubuntu’s customization benefit, but I think it deserves its place.

Tile managers like best used when you have multiple monitors and want to assign application positions between your monitors.

And even if Windows did, the fact that I don’t know about it is a plus in Ubuntu’s favor because I’m sure I will have to climb mountains to implement them.


10.Ubuntu is more resource-friendly

Last but not least, Ubuntu can run on older hardware much better than Windows.

So customers who can’t afford high-end desktops and laptops can install Ubuntu on their older workstations. With the confidence that they’ll be able to deliver their work without a hitch.

There are other advantages that Ubuntu has over Windows, such as being more compatible with different operating systems. (since you can select the amount of memory storage you want it to use during installation); and better integration with administrative tools.

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