What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is defined as the currency of the internet and specifically virtual, intangible cryptocurrency; it is based on the P2P protocol and network. It means that bitcoin transactions are person-to-person when the torrent files are transferred. The term Bitcoin also refers to the new currency’s protocol.

There is much controversy surrounding the creator or creators of Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the person or group credited with creating the Bitcoin protocol and announcing his retirement from the project in 2011. Today, Nakamoto is hoarding millions of bitcoins, considering that one bitcoin is currently trading for around €5,000.

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How Does A Bitcoin Work?

To start selling and buying bitcoins, you must first download one application that allows you to create a personal bitcoin wallet with a private key linked to a public key. There are many programs (Bitcoin Core, Electrum, Armory, Bitcoin Wallet, etc.) and websites (Coinbase, MyWallet, etc.) that can be used to trade bitcoins.

Once you have your bitcoin wallet, you need to add some bitcoins if you want to make purchases with it.

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There Are Three Ways To Grow Bitcoins:

Traditional Money Exchange :

It is possible to exchange dollars or euros for bitcoins via markets such as Bitcoin or MtGox.

Purchase/Sale of goods :

Bitcoin can be acquired by selling any commodity. And paying in this cryptocurrency, which is legal on any website that allows its use.

Mining :

This technique involves borrowing our computer to solve complex mathematical problems in exchange for bitcoins.


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