What Is Pointer Precision Enhancement?

Windows Improves Pointer Precision

What is Pointer Precision Enhancement? It is a mouse setting displayed in the Mouse Properties window, as shown in the following image.

This feature has been about since Windows XP, and Windows enables this feature by default. Why did Microsoft strategy and advance this feature? Before answering the question, let’s see how the mouse and the pointer work.

By moving the mouse on the mouse pad, the pointer on the computer screen will carry a specific distance in one direction.

How far the mouse cursor moves across the screen is how far you move the mouse. Moreover, the ratio between the two is controlled by DPI (dots per inch).


Other Readings:

DPI is a hardware indicator of mouse precision. The minimum distance the mouse must travel is the inverse of the DPI. A higher DPI means your cursor can move farther when you move the mouse in the same space.

For example, if Mouse A has 200 DPI, the mouse must move at least 1/200th of an inch, and the screen cursor moves 1 pixel. If Mouse B is 800 DPI, that mouse only needs to move 1/800th of an inch, and the cursor can move 1 pixel. So when Mouse B moves 1/200th of an inch, the cursor moves 4 pixels.

The pointer precision improvement is a form of mouse acceleration and changes mouse sensitivity based on how fast you move. The function calculates the mouse speed and adjusts the DPI on the fly. The DPI will increase if the rate is higher, and your cursor will move a greater distance.

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Now That You Know The Question,

“What does the growth in pointer accurateness do?”

Let’s look at another question that interests most users:

“Is the Enhance pointer good for gaming?”.

Is Improved Pointer Accuracy Good For Gaming?

Improve the correctness of the game pointer; players are advised to disable the pointer accuracy enhancement feature.

The feature does not increase linearly in all areas, making it challenging to be completely accurate. This disadvantage is more difficult when gaming since even the slightest mouse speed movement can exponentially increase cursor speed. It’s pretty essential to winning in the game.


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