How to Create Your App Without Coding Experience

In our Getting It series, we’ll teach you all you need to know to start using and mastering various technology online and offline. Here, we look at five software solutions to help you create your app while guiding you through the process.

It used to be necessary to have strong coding skills or the money to hire someone with those abilities to construct your website, online business, or application. With the aid of a sufficient number of enterprises and their resources, the procedure may be finished in some circumstances in as little as an hour.

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Drag-and-drop website building is made simple by platforms like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace, while Shopify and Woocommerce allow you to launch a web store during your lunch break. Simple app creation has lagged a little in this area, but things have drastically improved over the past few years. Today, you don’t need advanced computer abilities to quickly use various websites to create an app. Below, we’ll look at five of those websites.

Naturally, the apps you receive from these tools are typically more straightforward. To create more complex apps and games, you will still need to know how to code or engage an app development business. However, these services work well for straightforward apps that rely on forms or information. In particular, you’ll be able to develop an app that, while it might not make you rich, will benefit already-existing companies or websites. You can create an app that makes it simpler for customers to shop online or browse your articles with a touch of the screen, for instance, if you run a content-based website or an online store.

Getting Going

You’ll need credentials as an app publisher to distribute and sell your products before we compare the services you can use to build your app.

You must sign in with your Google account, agree to the rules, and pay a $25 registration fee before you may distribute Android apps through the Google Play store. You must go here, pay a $99 yearly charge, and sign in with your Apple credentials if you want to start selling apps for the iOS platform through the iTunes store. Once your app is published, both Google and Apple retain 30% of sales after those initial payments.

Five Platforms for Developing Apps


This web-based app builder’s slogan is “Make an app easy as pie.” Whatever your opinion of the saying, you can create an app on this site without too many clicks or design experience. The category of your app comes first, followed by a simple layout. Then, you can edit text and add pages, colors, photographs, media, links, and more by clicking through a program demo on a model phone that appears on the screen. The app’s architecture and flow are largely under your control, and the site is incredibly responsive.

Pricing options include a free plan that embeds AppyPie advertising in your app and allows you to make changes to it for only 48 hours, as well as $15, $30, and $50 monthly plans that give you unlimited access to changing your app and stepped-up platform distribution. For instance, the $15 subscription only allows you to create apps for Android, whereas the $50 plan includes support for all the major platforms, such as Microsoft and Apple.


Although AppMakr has a noticeably less elegant UI than AppyPie, it is still simple. In terms of icon-based apps, it excels. Similar to AppyPie, a smartphone mock-up is presented to you, and you may drag icons directly onto its face from a menu of options at the right. However, in contrast to AppyPie, apps created using this tool are better at linking to the material than they are at supplying native content. For instance, if you drag the “blog” symbol over, you will be prompted for the RSS feed URL for your blog. The “news” function is the same. But if you already have a blog or website, this offers a simple method for making it mobile. Additionally, you can alter the appearance of each symbol and the backdrop picture. However, changes to the architecture aren’t as secure as they are with AppyPie.

You may build an ad-free mobile website with AppMakr’s free version. You can create an Android-only app for $2 per month with AppMakr branding; for $39 per month, you can build up to 10 Android apps without branding and publish them anywhere you wish; for $99 per year, you can post an Android app in the Google Play store or an iOS app on iTunes without branding.


Another very user-friendly online app builder is this one. You will be asked to select a template depending on your aims, such as “Sell Stuff,” “Get Bookings,” or “Earn Loyalty,” as you start the app-building process on this site. You can fine-tune your app by selecting the appropriate category, such as “church,” “coffee shop,” or “good cause,” after choosing the tab that best suits your needs.

After selecting your basic template, you can enter your phone number and immediately receive a link to your pre-made app, another distinctive feature of AppInstitute. Even though you’ll want to take some time to customize it, the momentary pleasure of a functioning app in a matter of seconds is a pleasant bonus. Naturally, it’s also a cunning way for AppInstitute to obtain your phone number.

Although AppInstitute is generally viewed favorably. We discovered during our testing that it was slow to respond, frequently glitchy, and rather confusing in customizing your app. Despite this, helpful videos and a live chat feature may get you started very fast.

In addition to being the most expensive service we examined. This one has monthly plans that range from $40 to $115. Paying $70 a month gives you access to an Android-friendly app. And paying $115 allows you to publish an iOS version of your program.


GoodBarber is a reliable option for web app production despite its odd name. Because it prioritizes the smartphone mock-up in its design ontology. You can navigate the app as if it were life and watch your changes take effect immediately. This makes it very simple to grasp the logic of your software. But it makes building it a little more challenging.

Let’s say you wanted to edit some text in the app. It make reasonable that clicking on it would be all you had to do. However, this doesn’t work. Clicking on anything in the app directs you to the correct part because it is “live.” Use the navigation tools on the right side of the screen to change sections. These tools divide the design process into menus, icons, and areas. The possible customization level is genuinely astounding. Although it takes some getting accustomed to and involves more clicking than the other programs described here.

Additionally, GoodBarber provides tools for app testing. When you are ready to launch, say, an Android version of your app. It will provide you with a checklist of issues that have been resolved and those that still require attention. The website is free for the first 30 days. After which it charges $32 for Android apps and $96 for iOS and Android.


While information-based applications can benefit your company. Games give you the ability to make an app that has the potential to be truly profitable. Over half of the top-grossing iOS apps on the website AppAnnie are games. With free entertainment social networking apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Facebook. Taking up the majority of the remaining top slots.

GameSalad provides a fantastic opportunity to try creating your own game and selling it on iTunes or Google Play. GameSalad produces software that you must download to your desktop, unlike the other app developers on this list. Even if you start with one of the company’s pre-made yet customizable games. It will take a little longer to make a game than they claim that’s true. Even if you follow their instructions strictly. You’ll need to watch the video instructions to get the feel of the system because the software isn’t quite drag-and-drop.

When you’re prepare to release your game. A monthly cost of $29 will cover all the necessary work and allow you. To remove your game from all the major platforms, including Android and iOS.

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