10 Best Youtube Extensions Everyone Should Use

Like any other popular website, YouTube has its share of missing features and annoyances. We have to fight through the endless clickbait thumbnails and ad playbacks that get in our way; Luckily, plenty of youtube extensions fix these issues so that you can focus less on troubleshooting and more on binge videos.

Before downloading these extensions, remember that installing too many extensions is terrible for your browser. Ensure you are familiar with the permissions requested by each extension and only install the ones you need.

YouTube Enhancer

YouTube Enhancer is the one to choose if you only want to add one plugin. It disables adverts, dramatically increases the volume for all movies, and allows you to change the default settings for video quality, frame rate, and codec. Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Firefox all support this extension.

Volume Master

Try Volume Master on Chrome if your only YouTube issues are volume-related. With this extension, you may increase the volume by up to 600% and customize the book for each browser tab. Try 600% Sound Volume if you’re using Firefox instead.

Clickbait Remover

There is a tonne of clickbait thumbnails on YouTube. Install Clickbait Remover if you’re sick of seeing your favourite YouTubers create 500 variations of horrified faces for their thumbnails. Thumbnails stand in for actual screen captures from the videos, making YouTube far less unpleasant.

Additionally, it would help if you looked at YouTube’s Full Title for Videos, which displays the full title of each video. It is simpler to determine whether the video is worthwhile by removing the site’s abbreviated headlines.

UBlock Origin

The most effective plugin for preventing YouTube advertisements is uBlock Origin. It would help if you also looked at its numerous sophisticated capabilities, including its ability to disable cookie advertising, block malicious domains, and remove tracks from URLs.


SponsorBlock automatically skips videos with advertising. You won’t even be aware of it the next time your favourite YouTuber tries to advertise some arbitrary goods or services. You should ideally combine SponsorBlock and uBlock Origin for total YouTube ad blocking.


One of the best Safari extensions available is Vinegar ($1.99). It makes YouTube play in an HTML5 player by default, allowing you to watch videos for free in the background. It also prevents YouTube advertisements.


Look no further than RoundedTube for a YouTube visual update. Thanks to this addon, the site seems much more contemporary, which gives video thumbnails rounded corners.

Video Speed Controller

A Chrome addon called Video Speed Controller makes it simple to speed up or slow down YouTube videos. You can modify the video’s pace using a convenient set of keyboard commands, going above YouTube’s standard 2x speed cap. That is useful for people who want to rapidly skip to the critical parts of lengthy, rambling videos.

Even better, this addon supports HTML5 videos on different websites as well.

Video Screenshot

Video Screenshots will be helpful if you need to take a screenshot of a video from YouTube or another streaming service. You may choose between the JPG and PNG picture formats for your screenshots, and it’s a specific addon that effectively accomplishes its task.

Bookmark It

Bookmark It goes further than YouTube’s Watch Later feature, which also lets you store videos. With this addon, you can insert a bookmark into a video at any given point. In this manner, you can play videos you’ve bookmarked from that date and quickly locate the required data. The extension is quite simple to use; you must press B on your keyboard to add a bookmark to YouTube videos.

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