What to Search for in a Technical Co-founderWhat to Search for in a Technical Co-founder

It’s not simple to run a company, especially if you’re developing a new service or product that involves some level of coding. There are several advantages to having a technical co-founder for your firm, even though sharing your concept and business equity with someone may be unsettling.

The odds are that you have a background in marketing or design if you’re looking for a technical cofounder. A technical cofounder can help you balance your strengths and focus on the tasks on your to-do list where you excel. Second, you’ll want to fundraise for your startup or enroll in an incubation program at some point. Even though lone business founders aren’t unheard of, it might be more challenging for them to raise money.

Lastly, having someone to bounce ideas off of and support you initially is always a plus. Cofounders can share the financial cost of founding a business, which can be demanding (and successful). Nevertheless, there aren’t a tonne of technical cofounders available. You must work hard to discover the best match if you want a technical cofounder. In light of this, here are some recommendations for choosing the ideal technical cofounder:

Place an Ad or Contact a Hiring Agency

Posting a job ad or using a staffing firm’s services is one of the most traditional ways to recruit a technical cofounder. Both choices have advantages and disadvantages. The essential thing to keep in mind is that, as a founder, there’s a good chance you’re not paying anything upfront, including a wage. This restricts your choices regarding staffing firms, but it’s not impossible. You can publish an advertisement on any job site, but you might get fewer interested applications since you can’t pay right now.

Where to place your ad is something else to think about. You can publish job listings on niche websites like AngelList or Hackernoon and more mainstream ones like Indeed and LinkedIn. It would be easy to connect with possible cofounders via these networks, which cater to startups and technical founders.

Before placing an advertisement or working with a recruiting firm, you should be clear about what you seek. What qualifications do you seek in your technical cofounders? Should they have experience creating mobile apps or websites? Do they understand how to use Helm Kubernetes, a package manager? Do they have Python or C++ skills? Do they know the tenets of DevOps? Finding the ideal cofounder for your firm may also be aided by clearly understanding the scope of labor you’ll require.

Cofounder Allocation

Co-FounderLab, Tech Cofounder, and Y Combinator’s Cofounder Match are just a few of the cofounder-matching websites available. One of the world’s most influential startup incubator programs, Y Combinator, uses its matching tool to assist entrepreneurs in finding cofounders based on interests, regions, abilities, and many other factors. Over 9,000 cofounders have been linked by the program so far. To guarantee you are connected with high-quality people, potential cofounders are further verified and screened before they can join the platform.

Verify Your Network

You can find a technical cofounder by starting with your network of friends, family, coworkers, and alums. These people have already grown to like and trust you and are probably more accepting of the non-paying cofounder position. To find possible candidates, start by informing others in your immediate network that you are trying to fill the position. To spread the news, you should also post on your social media pages. Connecting with folks from your alma mater is simple, thanks to the platforms and portals many institutions provide for their alum networks.

Networking can begin.

Keep yourself out there if you want to locate the greatest technical cofounder. Your networking opportunities will grow as you branch out. Furthermore, there are many networking possibilities available, both online and offline. For instance, a quick search for a startup or development-related event on Meetup.com will yield many results.

Likewise, a simple Google search for conferences and seminars in your area of expertise shows many networking possibilities you may take advantage of. Additionally, it will be beneficial to observe (or take part in) hackathons, where you may find many enthusiastic individuals who care about the programming and development sector and can contribute significantly to a startup.

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