Best 5 Security Apps For iPhone And Android

In the digital age, technology is on the sidelines. But along with its benefits, it also brings threats like malware, virus, Trojans, etc. So your phone with advanced technology is nothing without security and protection. Here we have prepared a comprehensive guide to inform you about some of the best security apps to protect and secure your information on mobile phones.

Mobile Security Applications

Applications that help protect your mobile device from specific threats and sensitive information on your phone are security applications. The primary purpose of these applications is to prevent unauthorized users from accessing information and performing unwanted actions on the device that could damage it. Due to the variety of feature-rich apps available, choosing a security app for your iOS or Android device may not be easy. To protect your devices from any security threat or problem, we have compiled this list of security apps to help you solve this problem.


The first security app on the list is DuckDuckGo, which is available for iPhone and Android. A proprietary search engine is a mobile browser app or desktop browser extension. The primary goal of DuckDuckGo is to protect your personal information while browsing the Internet from different platforms.

Keep your web searches private or untitled while providing built-in tracking blocking. So don’t worry about accessing various web platforms, as they will now suffer from the collection of your personal information.

Possible functions:

  • No one can save their search history using this app.
  • It also works as an extension in many other mobile browsers.
  • Show the safest websites in search results.
  • Automatically connects you to encrypted versions of websites.
  • Powerful enough to also block tracking data and external trackers.

DuckDuckGo is unique from other search platforms in that it does not store your browsing data.

2. AppLock

AppLock is a very easy-to-use Android application that allows users to lock almost any file or application on their phones. Therefore, your data is dwindling by a password. The app works very efficiently; you only need to create a numeric password for the apps you want to watch. If you enable this feature, when you open that particular app, you will be prompted to enter the password you set. Also, a password will be required if someone wants to uninstall it.

A unique feature of the app is that you can even hide the icon of this security app so no one can notice that you have it installed on your device.

Possible functions:

  • Store your photos in a virtual safe.
  • Block different apps from different profiles.
  • Automatically block or unblock the application based on location or time.
  • Confuse the intruder by attaching fake covers like a face or fingerprint scanner.
  • You can display close-app messages to anyone you don’t want.

Just install the app and give your phone to whoever you wish to with your details.

3. Avira

The next stop on the list of security apps is Avira, which is available for Android and iPhone. It allows us to set deadlines for requests. This application can offer you security, privacy, and good performance. Avira can help protect you against thousands of online threats and hide your activity from spies and unwanted advertisers.

It helps improve phone performance by freeing up storage space on your device. With Avira, you can even connect securely to public wireless networks. So, prevent unauthorized access to your phone content and online activities with this excellent security app.

Possible functions:

  • Immediate notifications in case of e-mail leaks.
  • Phishing websites are automatically blocked before they even load.
  • Protection against online threats.
  • Efficient analysis of vulnerable networks.
  • Memory and storage optimization.

Just install a single app, enjoy many online threats, and make your device safer.

4. Avast

The following security application we will discuss is Avast, a strong defense against viruses and many wireless network vulnerabilities. It offers you complete protection solutions for Android and iPhone. It can block spyware and viruses in real time under single and cross-platform options.

The Premium version has many offers like security from fraudulent websites, password theft, etc. So if you want advanced features, go for the Pro versions.

Possible functions:

  • It can prevent internet service providers from tracking your activity.
  • You can end geo-restrictions.
  • Guaranteed secure connection to the public wireless network.
  • Protection against data theft.
  • Locate the device using the anti-theft system.

Install Avast and exercise your right to safety on all internet platforms.

5. LastPass

Passwords play a vital role on any device for security reasons. The next app we will discuss here is the password manager security app, LastPass, which is available for Android and iPhone. With LastPass, you can easily protect your online life with easy-to-use passwords like fingerprints, etc.

It offers you random strong passwords to give you strong protection against hacking. You only need to save your password once, which is automatically available for free on one device at a time. With the Pro version, you can opt for multiple devices.

Possible functions:

  • Very fast and efficient login because your passwords are set aside for you.
  • Also, save payment and shipping details by simplifying your digital purchases.
  • Share passwords and important information securely and efficiently with others.
  • Provide notifications when your personal information is at risk of being stolen.

Save your automatic password and work on the Internet without worrying about attacks.

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